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Fiumma Bar. And di ko talaga malilimutan ang gabing iyon dahil sa dami ng artistang nakita ko. hehe. its hard to be composed while making pigil of the starstruck moment ano? kulang na lang bibitbit ako ng notebook at magpapaautograph ako, that would really be the most jologs part. hehe. or not. ewan.

my date and i looked like welcoming committee, naglalamano sa mga dumadaang mga celebrities, ranging from starlets to professional models. that night marami din akong nakuhang mga points of reality:

* kasingtangkad ko lang si Borgy Manotoc, Einar Ingebrigtsen, that Bruno Guy, at iba pang mga models na di ko kilala…

* bitchy si Phoem Barranda (huwag tularan) hehe

* ganda pa rin ni Rissa Samson despite her age. Pond’s works….

* ang cute ni Denise Laurel.

* dito ako na starstruck masiyado (Iza Calzado, Rissa Samson, Jocelyn Oxlade) as in drop jaw talaga (for more short o action)….

* Mas malaki ang dede ni Francine Prieto kaysa kanyang ulo, literally (as ive heard, pwede din ito figuratively speaking)…

*kung ano ang nakita mo kay Sunshine Dizon sa TV, YUN NA!

umuwi kami by 2 am. its also my first time inside a very posh/big bar. tulala din ako na marami pang taong nakaabang sa labas. hehe..

then ano, tapos…. =)


sinong best friend mo doon?

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i remember that specific ice cream commercial. it’s about two¬†kids who are best pals, one is leaving the other. when the other kid is about to leave, they meet at their tree house, eat ice cream together and blurt out the lines: ‘sinong best friend mo doon?’ ‘siempre ikaw lang!’. that was cute!

well apparently, i miss not just my best friend, pero ang buong kalawakan ng probinsiyang kinalakihan ko. Hmmm First of all I miss my family. We are pretty dysfunctional in ways but yeah we learn to stand beside each other in times of trouble. ma pride nga lahat from father to bunsong apo. yun na! And I also miss my baby niece she just turned 4 months last week. hmm kumusta na siya? i taught her how to sing eh. hehehe…

i miss my college buddies and college days. miss ko na ang inuman sa kanto araw araw and Sunday lang ang rest day. Mas importante pa ang tagay kaysa exam namin bukas. Pero I finished school first because, wala lang. hehehe 6 years din yun.

I miss my gwapo studded neighborhood. no further explanations.

i miss my hood’s tambayan: my best friends house. Palamunin ako doon, mas nagugutom ako sa sarili kong bahay kaysa doon sa friend ko. and sarap tambayan ng 3rd floor nila, pero paghapon lang at gabi. we can get to see the gwapos walking, nagtatambay sa tabi ng tindahan, umiihi… joke lang…

basta nakakapanibago kasi dito. and as i have said before, im not complaining. yun na. namimiss ko lang.


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can you please play the song “schoolyard crush” by ever we fall… only this time, colleague crush na ang tawag…

may napapansin ako kegwapo gwapo na nilalang na lumalakad sa oipisina. hmmm mestizohin, parang japanese/filipino ata ang dugo. like me, filipino/filipina ang halo….

haaaay tagal ko na siya napapansin na nagpapansin, but my inner anna wintour (na may halong kaba) always overshadows my confidence tsaka sex appeal. thats why i dont give signals, unfortunately on purpose (or instinct? ewan basta). Pero this time hmmm nandito siya sa likod ko.. ano gagawin ko.. mga mareee HELP!!!!

Whatever happened to Rogue Magazine???

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Its no secret that I am a magazine addict.

I collect FHM (yes, FHM) since december (issue ten, with patricia javier on the cover) 2000 to present. yes, i was illegal back then to buy one, but i have my ways. freaky, huh? I also collect Preview Magazines from May 2004 to present, with few (okay, a lot) missing issues along the way. My most favorite issue is the September 2007 gate fold cover featuring the PMAP models in 40s hair, wearing “only this”. That was one wicked cover. Ive been collecting UNO Magazine since they considered back issues to be shelved in bookstores. And most recently, I am trying to get hold of every Rogue Magazine published out there.

The reason why I love magazines are: pictures, photography, content and whatnot’s. I particularly love Rogue Magazine because not only of its sharp and nifty graphics and images, witty articles, imaginative fiction stories and also its political content. The first time I saw one Rogue Magazine back in Cagayan de Oro was in Filbar’s, and it has Cristina Garcia on the cover (one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever known). I took one but never bought it because it is way too pricey aside from the fact that its an 8 month old issue and its price never went down. But even though, I got curious. The first time I actually bought one was in Cebu in one of the bookstores in SM, with Sanya Smith on the cover (again, one of the mos beautiful ladies Ive known). I read it and boom, its into my liking!

And it gained controversy last June because of its rather symbolic presentation of celebrating Philippine Independence as Joey Mead, the girl on the cover literally showed her Filipino skin as she is shown in the nude, wearing “nothing but our country’s colors”. Somehow some activists got really “nega” about it and protested against it. I say Up Yours and what the heck? Its art, so move on.

But whatever was that, I’m still a big fan of Rogue. But I got stirred up when July came and I still haven’t seen a new issue of Rogue in malls, in convenience stores, in Google, everywhere. Week after week, I waited for the new issue to come out but to no avail. I was starting to lose hope thinking that it might have pulled itself off the publication. But I got relieved when I saw this cover in a search engine..

aaah yes. and its their anniversary issue! great. oh well, gotta buy one….

cool change

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as i am writing this entry, i am currently listening to one of my favorite songs that is sung by madonna. the title is jump, from one of her current albums confessions on the dancefloor. i love the song aside the fact that it is very catchy and it can really make you dance as well, but it is somehow very significant at a point in my life. the song motivated me to accept myself and let the whole world get blind by my alabaster skin. hehe. youll get what i mean.

ako na lang ay nagiisa dito sa manila. my bro went home because he is preparing his papers for he will leave for australia this coming september. i now live in a slummy type apartment here in pasig city where i get free tanning if i oversleep in the morning. but i dont complain, its life. i am now a trainee in one of the contact centers that sorrounds makati city.

its a cool change. its a far-fetched life makeover from where i come from originally. pero so far i am enjoying it. i meet good friends, i have no qualms being myself, i find it easier now i can say im gay and shock every other person.

i get to experience also walking in the middle of the night along edsa getting scared but have to walk anyway. hehehe

iba talaga. my mind is not wotrking properly right now but hell yeah bottomline, i am enjoying.

mabonggahan nga.

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i forgot to introduce myself thoroughly and formally hehe, so here i am(and since dating in manila-g4m style is like having you being picked like they do in talent shows, i find it hard to be really liked by who you are here, unless you know each other personally and got acquainted personally as well. so heres my own description of myself…)

call me edu, thats my nickname from now on. or you can call me ed if you like. i have had lots of nicknames ranging from the endearing dward to the very painstaking eduardo segundo to the general term dong to the laugh producing imok batikulkul (i know right?). but its enough for me to be called edu, or ed. your pick.

i was born in manila, in PGH late 1985. I was raised here in manila till i was 4 years old. we moved back in mindanao and the rest is still unwritten.

my mom was a fashion consultant in one of the cosmetics company in the 80s and now shes into fashion retailing. she influenced me a lot from fashion to being a drama queen (but that was before). my dad was a bank manager when he and mom met. He resigned and became a manager in a car company. Now he manages a drugstore franchise. I dont have a lot of good times with my dad since I hated him since I was a kid, because he hated me for being fair-skinned. my siblings are moreno, I am the only fair skinned in our household, aside from my mom. Talk about discrimination…

Im a what you see is what you get type of person. Dramas are a thing of my past. I am now affiliated with one of the contact centers that dominates the jungle called Makati. I am still a trainee there, but yeah working on it (the fact that I am 2 weeks old here in manila).

Physically, Im no drop-dead gorgeous but honestly, you cant help but notice me anywhere (its called kapal, hehehe). Arguably tall, has fair complexion (i refuse to say white because im ‘not’), mestizo features, average physique, i go to the gym, hopefully be more ripped in the next couple of months.

so there for now. more stuffs might be added later. but i guess what i wrote is enough for now.

moved out, moving in, moving on first.

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i already have another account made under wordpress before, but since i had have found it kind of confusing, i dtiched and stayed with multiply. my multiply blog is still working but yeah its time for me to move to another environment for my writings as this marked as somehow another life chapter.. =)

you can call me adu. i somehow picked that name because its near to my real nickname and its the last name of one of my favorite singers Sade. rittenhouse is another story. its the last time of a very significant person.

i came from the province. i recently graduated college and now im here in manila trying to work while waiting for something out there.

but my journey to manila was not just a simple plane ride…

it all started after my graduation night. i was still kind of thinking what to do next. i called it post grad crisis. a month prior to my graduation, i was already billed to work for a restaurant with excellent reputation back in our province as one of their supervisors. I thought I was lucky because hey its not all the time a soon-to-be grad will be given a not-really rank and file job position even before graduation right? But as i started working, I felt like its not really for me. I started to ask myself ‘did i take the right course?’

but even if i have the answer to that, it wont change the fact i already graduated. so i resigned from work (i only worked for a day), gave myself a slack and think what should i really be doing with my life. i recalled back then that the reason why i took the course Tourism (Tourism-HRM is my actual course) because it was the next best thing to my first choice which is aeronautical engineering. yeah. i love to wear those slick uniforms and people would really have no choice bu to notice you pass by. but then, aside from the fact that its a really expensive course to take, i dont have the knack for mathematics and anything related to that, to which aeronautics come with it in buckets. so yeah. so i pursued the idea of applying for Flight Attendant. But I took a hold on that dream. Long story though. I might tell you that some other time.

Because my mom was pressuring me to go look for a job, I decided to go to Cebu and work there. I had a great time staying in Cebu, and my flat mates are very cool people. But the feeling that Ive had in that restaurant I also felt in Cebu. I was not complete.

I moved here in Manila. Its my 2nd week here and I am planning to stay here for a year as I am going to London to study fashion designing…

confusing noh? hehe well, i made up my mind that yeah i really do have a knack for fashion. so there, Im planning to study abroad. But while Im still waiting for it, Ill be staying here in Manila, trying to be a very independent and mature gay man who can control himself in a big city.

My journey begins. =)